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Moonlight Studios NYCLEVEL 12 at TED and the TED World Theater are unparalleled turn-key event spaces located at 330 Hudson Street, NYC that can be utilized separately or together to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our innovative access-on-demand event space opens up unprecedented opportunities for innovation and immersive experiences.

Moonlight Studios NYC and TED is an exciting collaboration, aimed at promoting creativity, innovation, and thought-provoking content. As two brands committed to providing exceptional experiences, the partnership will enable the creation of truly extraordinary events.

Moonlight Studios offers exceptional event space for hosting in-person or hybrid events, featuring stunning interiors and versatile open-air areas that provide the perfect setting for any type of event. With an impressive array of built-in event tech, Moonlight Studios is great for experiential events, conferences, fashion shows, exhibitions, upfronts/newfronts and automotive events alike. Whether you're looking to host a new product launch or an elegant fundraiser, Moonlight Studios is an ideal choice for your next event.

LEVEL 12 at TED is an extraordinary partnership between Moonlight Studios NYC and TED. The shared vision is to provide a platform for extraordinary experiences, making LEVEL 12 at TED an unrivaled destination for conferences, meetings, brand activations and roadshows.

The TED World Theater is an exceptional venue for captivating productions. Accessible from on LEVEL 12 at TED, this unique space can be utilized for showcasing visionary ideas, meetings, and a multitude of other events.


About the Collaboration

Moonlight Studios NYC has partnered with TED to offer extraordinary production ready, access-on-demand event spaces. Moonlight Studios, located on the ground floor of 330 Hudson Street, and TED’s New York Headquarters, situated in the same building, is perfect for those seeking a larger-than-life venue.

At the heart of this partnership lies TED’s mission to embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. TED unites people through a shared curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and a desire for deeper connections. TED invites everyone to engage with ideas and activate them within their own communities, fostering a sense of empowerment and inspiration.

Moonlight Studios NYC shares a similar vision of inspiring and empowering individuals through the fusion of technology and space. Moonlight Studios’ mission is to redefine what’s possible by providing unique venues and unwavering support for those who aim to create unforgettable experiences that leave lasting impressions. Cultivating an inclusive and collaborative environment that fuels creativity and innovation is at the core of both companies’ vision.

The unparalleled features and capabilities of LEVEL 12 at TED and the TED World Theater, coupled with Moonlight Studios’ state-of-the-art event tech ensure that your event will be nothing short of extraordinary. With cutting-edge technology, flexible layouts, and a team of dedicated professionals, each of our event spaces are an ideal canvas to bring your event vision to life.

In this unique and visionary partnership, Moonlight Studios NYC and TED are poised to revolutionize the events industry. Prepare for an event experience that will leave a lasting impact that resonates long after the curtains close. 

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