What are the Key Attributes of the Perfect Venue for Newfronts and Upfronts?

NewFront event planners are always on the lookout for the perfect venue for NewFronts that can meet their specific needs and elevate the overall experience for their attendees. These professionals understand the importance of selecting the right venue to ensure that their events are successful and leave a lasting impression on their audiences. From impressive presentation spaces to advanced technology integration, there are several key factors that NewFront event planners consider when choosing a venue.

perfect venue for newfronts and upfronts

Our team boasts extensive experience collaborating with leading television networks such as NBC and Starz, as well as prominent digital media giants like Netflix, Peacock, Hulu, and Disney+.

Impressive Presentation Spaces:

One of the primary features that NewFront event planners look for in a venue is an impressive presentation space. This includes spacious areas equipped with advanced audiovisual capabilities, such as large screens or video walls, that can accommodate impactful presentations. These spaces allow companies to showcase their latest products, services, and content in a dynamic and engaging way, capturing the attention of their audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Branding Opportunities:

In addition to impressive presentation spaces, NewFront event planners also value venues that offer branding opportunities. This includes customizable signage, digital displays, and projection mapping capabilities that allow companies to effectively showcase their logos, imagery, and messaging throughout the event space. By incorporating branding opportunities into the venue design, event planners can create a cohesive and immersive experience that reinforces their brand identity and resonates with attendees.

Perfect Venue for upfronts
At Moonlight Studios NYC, the main space is bordered by a stunning video colonnade, offering an ideal platform to customize the space with your brand logo, imagery, and dynamic motion graphics. At the far end of the colonnade, a video wall provides an excellent backdrop for impactful presentations or captivating performances.

Versatile Layouts:

Flexibility is another key consideration for NewFront event planners when selecting a venue. They need spaces that can adapt to various seating arrangements and event formats, from theater-style seating for presentations to cocktail receptions for networking. Versatile layouts enable event planners to customize the space to suit the needs of their specific event and accommodate different audience sizes, ensuring that every attendee has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration:

Technology integration is also crucial for NewFront event planners, who require venues equipped with cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless event experiences. This includes features such as XR studios, LED walls, and virtual control rooms that enable event organizers to engage remote attendees effectively and provide a high-quality viewing experience.  These technological advancements enable companies to deliver engaging hybrid or virtual event experiences, reaching audiences worldwide and maximizing the event’s impact. By investing in advanced technology, venues can attract NewFront event planners looking to leverage the latest innovations to enhance their events.

perfect venue for newfronts
Our studio space is home to an XR studio that doubles as a presentation space, with an LED wall and floor. This unique space can sit in-person attendees comfortably for a presentation, or for studio shoots.

Comfort and Convenience:

Comfort and convenience are also top priorities for NewFront event planners when selecting a venue. Attendee comfort is essential, so event planners seek venues with comfortable seating options, climate control, and convenient amenities like restrooms and catering facilities. Additionally, accessibility and location are key considerations, with event planners preferring venues that are centrally located and easily accessible via public transportation or nearby parking options.

Professional Support:

The perfect venue for NewFronts and Upfronts events goes beyond providing a space; it offers professional support to ensure the seamless execution of the event. These teams play a crucial role in ensuring smooth event execution, from setup to broadcasting, providing peace of mind to event planners and organizers. By offering these essential features, venues can attract NewFront event planners and provide them with the ideal setting to showcase their brands and engage their target audiences effectively.

Prime Location:

Last but not least, the perfect venue for NewFronts and Upfronts events should be strategically located in a prime area that is easily accessible and conducive to networking and business opportunities. Whether it’s in a bustling urban center or a prestigious commercial district, the venue’s location plays a crucial role in attracting attendees and creating a favorable impression of the event.

In summary, NewFront event planners are seeking venues that offer impressive presentation spaces, branding opportunities, flexibility, advanced technology integration, comfort and convenience, professional support and location. By meeting these criteria, venues can position themselves as top choices for hosting NewFront events and attract event planners looking to create memorable and impactful experiences for their attendees.